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I know we have an appointment scheduled but I couldn't wait until then to say with all of my heart thank you!  Just these past couple of days have been life changing for me.  I haven't felt tired in the morning and my bloating day by day is going done.  I haven't seen my stomach like this in years.  Most of all, I have this hope.  I am so grateful I was led to you.  You are the only one who showed me what was happening to me.  I know I still have a journey ahead of me, but I am ready to take it.  I couldn't wait until our appointment to say thank you with all of my heart.  I am so hopeful I will get back to my once normal but most importantly I am loving myself and my body through this process.  Thank you again. 

Amanda, Lykens PA 

I wanted you to know.......I AM FEELING MUCH BETTER!!!  Most of my chest pain is gone.  The diet is working!  I feel so much better, no bloating either, and my energy level has increased, but could be better. 

Vicki, York PA

Kim, Thank you so much for the card!  It came at a good time and thank you for the talk at the last appointment.  I left feeling much different than when I got there.  I truly think God has used you as an instrument at a much needed time in my life.  I don't take these things for granted.  They are appreciated.  Also thanks for helping me in my road to healing. 

Tina, York PA

I have been doing the cranflush and keeping the hydration high.  I do have some good changes in my legs and face.  It has also made such a dramatic change in my upper back.  I have had absolutely no pain behind my chicken wings since three weeks ago.  Even though I have been actively working as usual.  I am very pain free for the first time in years.  Praise God.

Jacque, Dover PA

I did the regimen you recommended for me and kept doing it for months.  The last scope showed the Barrett's Esophagus is gone!  The only thing my doctor saw was a minimal amount of esophagitis.  I still take the supplements just not as faithfully.  I feel great and am no longer taking meds.  

Laura, Hanover PA